RENEWAL: the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again;
the state of being renewed.

A note of thanks to the season:
Welcome Spring, I am so glad to see you. Bare, brown branches extend their arms, and now display shiny green leaves, holding little clusters of flowers in their once gnarled fingers. The carpet of brown, dry grass has turned green and soft. It feels good under my bare feet. Your warm sun feels comforting on my face and shoulders. I am excited to see your wildflowers popping up like sprinkled confetti along the grey highways and open fields.

Many of us feel grateful…even hopeful. This season, more than any other, seems to signify a sense of renewal. All around us, at least in nature, things seem new, fresh, and strong.

A charge:
What can we do—me and you? What can we do to experience renewal in our lives? How can you bring in something new and fresh? How do you feel stronger mentally, emotionally, physically?

Can you add to your yoga practice? Or maybe start a yoga practice? Maybe you could just try one new pose that you never thought you could do. You could mediate. We all know it’s good for us…even just a few minutes a day. We can eat more veggies…and less sugar.  And we can be present. Be in the moment…with our children, our partners, ourselves. Perhaps we could smile more.

A thought:
Would we try harder if this was our last Spring? A dear friend of mine is living like it is her last. She has lived a long, full life, and now she faces cancer. She is battling. Cancer is winning. She knows, yet she lives with a renewed spirit. She is strong in many ways. She hurts, she coughs, she winces. Her lungs are angry, old and tired.

But she is not. She is somehow radiant. She smiles with me and my children. She listens and is present for all of our stories. She sits on the patio and enjoys the springtime sun, the flowers, the breeze. She does not complain. She walks in gratitude. I have learned many things from her. In this precious season of her life, I am learning that it is never too late for renewal.

May Spring support and nurture you. May the green grass and bright blossoms remind you, and invite you, to seek and find the places you need renewal in your life.

Peace & Lavender


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